Summer Goals

After a quiet, beautiful drive through the sunny Welsh countryside, I arrived back at my parents’ house, where I’ve been for just over a week now. I’ve had a big clear out of old stuff, eaten two delicious Sunday roasts, registered at the doctors, and hugged my dogs about a million times. Tomorrow I have an appointment at the job centre to sign on for Universal Credit- because although I’ve applied for 50+ jobs in the last few weeks, I am still one of many many many unemployed University leavers.

So until I get a job, I have hours and hours of time to sink into whatever I like. Of course, a lot of it is job hunting, but apart from that, there will never be a more perfect time to chip away at my multitude of hobbies. So, here it is- The list of things I want to accomplish in the unknowable period of time between now and finding a job:

1.  Read, read, read!

My actually kind of meagre book collection.

Over the last three years, I’ve barely read anything that wasn’t a linguistics journal or text book. That didn’t stop me buying books though, so my biggest goal for the foreseeable future is to get my ‘to-read’ pile down at least a little bit. Most of the books on the very left side of my bookshelf are unread, and I have Nabokov’s Lolita in my bag, as well as a virtual stack of epubs on my mac to get through. I’m most looking forward to going back to Robin Hobb’s Farseer Trilogy though, and finally getting into Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn, about which I’ve heard a huge amount of praise.

2. Write, write write!

The aftermath of my dissertation. I got a B+ by the way!

A couple weeks back, I wrote a long post about my experience of doing a creative writing dissertation. I mentioned that I’d become really quite attached to the story, and so another of my biggest goals (not just for this period of unemployment!) is to finish the book. I’d like to get to it as soon as possible, before I start to forget details, but at the latest I’ll be carrying on with it this November for NaNoWriMo.

3. The Witcher 3

Snapchat-4143520818217280051 I don’t think I’ve ever been as invested in a video game as I am in this amazing creation by CD Projekt RED. My goal is to finish it as thoroughly as possible. I started playing it when it came out about a year ago, spent my whole summer on it, then didn’t get a chance to go back to it until last week. I’m fairly close to the end of the ‘main quest’ but I’m currently checking out all of the little question marks and finishing off treasure hunts across the map. Then of course I’ll be playing the expansions. I can’t work on this goal as often as I’d like because I’m playing it on my boyfriend’s xbox, and as much as he says he likes watching me play, I can’t reduce all our time together to me galavanting around Skellige. Even if my Geralt (on the right!) is rocking a pretty amazing look right now.

4. Dungeons & Dragons

20160607_152911My fourth goal is to design (and hopefully run) a new D&D Campaign. I’ve got a couple ideas swimming about in my brain, and I’m having a ton of fun creating custom magical items. I’ll (hopefully, finally) be getting the DM’s guide later this month (my wonderful boyfriend decided to purchase it as my anniversary present right in front of me) so I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into that, and then creating an interesting campaign and some fun NPCs. I always hear is that you shouldn’t create too much to start with, and I absolutely plan to stick to that advice, but world-building is a passion of mine, so I can’t promise I won’t get carried away!

5. My Hufflepuff scarf


I started this thing in the summer of 2013 and it’s nowhere near finished. It’s also a mess- half of it was knit English style and half Continental, which it turns out changed my gauge quite considerably. I’m hoping blocking it (somehow) will help, and that it won’t actually be noticeable when I wear it anyway. My goal for the summer is to finally finish it, so that I can wear it this Autumn, when I finally taste my first ever pumpkin spice latte. (The downside of going to University in Bangor is that we didn’t have a decent starbucks, just an offshoot in Bar Uno that always seemed to use far too much syrup).

So that’s it for major goals. I’d also like to lose some of the weight I put on in 3rd year, and I really want to crochet another blanket, but I only have odds and ends of yarn at the moment and I can’t justify buying more until I have a job. I also want to get back into Animal Crossing, as I abandoned my town almost a year ago to focus on my degree, but at the moment I feel like I might just start again.

I’ll post an update on my progress at the end of the month, but until then- Do you have any goals for the summer? Let me know!

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